Science communication: an instrument to mold the mind set of common man

Science communication: an instrument to mold the mind set of common man

Basic knowledge of science is the first requirement to be a science journalist. Earlier people with basic understanding of science were involved in science communication and in science journalism but today people with advanced scientific knowledge are coming to the field. This change has resulted in publication of good quality scientific news, reports, stories, magazines etc. which has given a new dimension to the field of science journalism. Science is not easy to understand and it is important to explain it in a simplified manner to the masses to have some good impact on their lives. Here, science journalism can play a game changing role in generating scientific understanding and creating interest towards science in the society. A science communicator or journalist can deliver scientific information in a simple comprehensible way to common people that will help people to deal with daily routine issues and improve quality of life. Science journalism is not directed for masses only, it can be helpful to deliver achievements of one scientific area to other scientific areas, and can open new dimensions to go for multidisciplinary collaborative work among various scientific personals.

Though every community has its own rituals and beliefs, some of them are scientific while some are superstitions or false beliefs which can be challenged by science, but it’s not easy to convince a community to overlook their beliefs. Such issues can be better dealt with science journalism by creating awareness among masses e.g. ‘Polio Mukt Bharat Abhiyan’ which established the fact that a simple, aggressive and impactful communication can bring a change in the society. Till today, few students opt science as a career, science journalism can motivate a large number of young minds to shape up their career in sciences by creating their interest in new discoveries, and we may get some brilliant scientists, engineers, health practitioners, teachers and professors. Furthermore, a large group of women are there who have the responsibility to nurture the future generation, these may also benefit from authentic and reliable science journalism. A simple science in storytelling form or simple scientific tips can develop scientific temperament in these women and help them to deal better with issues related to hygiene, balanced diet, health etc. If society has a scientific approach to living, so many problems related to health and environment will be sorted out easily, and a better equilibrium will be maintained between man and nature. Every mind is curious and interested to know about new scientific discoveries and inventions. Science journalism can play a major role in changing the structure of the society whether urban or rural but it is important to give equal sharing and place to science journalism among mainstream journalism. There is a huge need to make efforts like broadcasting or printing scientific news, interviews of scientific personals, science stories as books and movies, etc. If the reach of science journalism increases, it will definitely bring positive changes in the mindset of common people where people will start thinking and living scientifically and develop a better scientific community.–

Dr. Anu Singh

School of Biotechnology

Jawaharlal Nehru University

New Delhi-110067



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